Soulmate Quartz Point wrapped in copper

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Soulmate crystal. Two crystal points grow together as one.

Hand-wrapped in copper wire in the Positive Energy Vortex of Desert Hot Springs, CA.
Copper is said to bridge the divide between the physical and spiritual planes.

Measures 1 1/2 inches

Quartz Points come from a sole source, Wegner Mine in Arkansas. Wegner is internationally known for its high-quality quartz. They are family-owned. They are one of the few environmentally conscious mines in the world. They use collected rainwater to wash the crystals. They use solar and wind power. They recycle everything they possibly can. They restore the earth and they have replanted over 50,000 trees.   Arkansas has some of the most incredibly beautiful quartz crystals in the world.

Buying from one source means I know exactly what I have. I can 100% guarantee these are as ethically sourced as you can get.

Every wrapped crystal purchase includes a burlap drawstring pouch, a cloth for cleaning the copper, a unique ethically sourced crystal ID, and a card containing information about the crystal, the wrap, the care of the copper, the origin of the crystal, and more.


Clear Quartz

Chakra: Crown

Zodiac: All Signs    

Element: Earth + Fire + Air + Water

Clear quartz is the master healing stone. Quartz can be found in many varieties; therefore, the benefits of this crystal are endless. Although its clear color is associated with the highest vibrations of the crown chakra, clear quartz can clear blockages throughout the entire chakra system. This crystal provides spiritual growth and wonderful energy.