Rough Montana Garnet ring in sterling silver

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Rough Montana garnet ring in sterling silver

Something new for me.  The silver ring was made by someone else. The garnet is from a mine in Montana.
It’s beautiful because it looks like a silver twig but, because of that it has some sharper points which easily catch loose material. This is a unique and somewhat delicate ring. I strongly advise against wearing this cool ring with sweaters. For veteran ring wearers.
Ring size 6


Chakra: Heart + Root

Zodiac: Aries + Leo + Virgo

Element: Fire

Garnet is a stone for courage, creativity, love, and sexuality. It is also known to help control anger, but can also emit bad energy if the wearer is angry, so be cautious as to what energy you are emitting whilst wearing this stone. This specific crystal is an almandine garnet, emitting dark burgundy and earthy brown hues giving great benefits to both the heart and root chakras.