Rainbow Bead Choker with Arkansas quartz point hand-wrapped in copper (large beads, large crystal)

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Rainbow Bead choker with Arkansas quartz point hand-wrapped in copper 

Large beads with large crystal
Large crystal is 1 inch or bigger.  Intuitively chosen.
Every wire wrapped crystal is a unique wire wrap

Anodized aluminum beads on lightly waxed cotton cord

20 inches is standard. If you’d like a different size message us. We will verify your choice before shipping.

I designed these in 1992 and they quickly became a best-seller in the LGBTQ community WORLDWIDE, selling tens of thousands in just a few years.
Anodized aluminum beads with NPS beads and findings. These aluminum beads are so steadfast people still wear sets they purchased from me 20 to 30 years ago.

Here’s the story- one drunken night at Rage in West Hollywood I saw someone wearing what I thought was anodized aluminum from across the crowded bar.
I made my way over and got a closer look, but they turned out to be ceramic.
I borrowed a pen and paper from the bartender (way before smartphones) and drew out my design to make them from aluminum. I folded it and put it into my wallet, so I’d be sure to find it.
The next day, with a slight hangover, I purchased aluminum tubing and hand-cut my first set and had them anodized by the same people that still anodized for me 30 years ago.

Arkansas Quartz

These beautiful Arkansas Quartz points are hand wrapped in the positive energy vortex of Desert Hot Springs, California. I use copper wire on most of my wraps because copper is said to bridge the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. Copper is well-known for its healing properties.
Quartz Points come from a sole source, Wegner Mine, in Arkansas. Wegner Mine is internationally known for its high-quality quartz. It is a family-owned mine and is one of the few environmentally conscious mines in the world. They use natural sources like rainwater to cleanse the crystals, and solar and wind power. They recycle everything they can. They restore the earth, and they have replanted over 50,000 trees. Arkansas has some of the most incredibly beautiful quartz crystals in the world.