Campitos Turquoise wrapped in copper wire

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Campitos Turquoise Hand-wrapped in copper wire in the Positive Energy Vortex of Desert Hot Springs, CA
Copper is said to bridge the divide between the physical and spiritual planes

Measures 1 3/4 inches

Every wrapped crystal purchase includes a burlap drawstring pouch, a cloth for cleaning the copper, a unique ethically sourced crystal ID, and a card containing information about the crystal, the wrap, the care of the copper, the origin of the crystal, and more.


Campitos Turquoise

Chakra: All

Zodiac: All Signs

Element: Water + Earth

Campitos Turquoise is known as “the stone of heaven”, and is said to be a crystal of wisdom and spiritual guidance. Turquoise has been used in history as an excellent protection stone. This crystal is great for balancing all chakras, emphasizing the throat chakra. This crystal emits calm energy and brings overall peace.

Sourced from Campitos mine Mexico